Tom Tom Golfer - The latest GPS Technology

TomTom offer, The Shropshire Golf Centre, Telford, Muxton

Event Date

Friday, November 28, 2014

Know every inch of the golf course with this years must have gift for the keen golfer - available at The Shropshire Golf Shop for £199.99.

The Tom Tom Golfer GPS watch is light and durable, with and easy to read screen.

Highly accurate - View precise distances to front, centre and back of the green; view distances to unique hazards along the fairway.

Green shots - View the unique green and hazard graphics before your shot, see remaining distances to layup points.

Latest course data - Over 34,000 pre-loaded golf courses with daily updates.

Super durable and scratch resistant, Bluetooth Smart Connectivity, Up-to 10 hour battery life

Tom Tom GPS Golfer; £199.99

For more information about this fabulous product, call us on 01952 677800 or pop in and see us.